Serving Board - Regular (Liv'Edge, Thin)

Serving Board - Regular (Liv'Edge, Thin)

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Serving Board by Woot

Sustainably sourced from felled trees during urban landscaping. 100% grown and handcrafted in Singapore. Natural wood grain pattern makes each piece unique; no two boards are the same.

Board is treated and buffed to a satin smooth finish using Woot premium grade beewax food safe wood conditioner.

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Overall Dimension: L32 x W20 x T1.5 cm


Frame: Singapore Grown African Angsana

Care Guide

1. After each use, wash board with water and mild soap using a soft sponge. Allow board to dry completely and store it in a dry place.
2. Avoid soaking board in water or washing it in a dishwasher.
3. Do not use steel wool or any abrasive cleaning products that may damage the board.
4. Condition the board with cutting board oil once a month or whenever it feels dry to the touch. For best results, use Arctic Snow - the 100% natural white beewax food safe wood conditioner by Woot.
5. Do not use vegetable, olive or any other cooking oil to condition the board as they will turn rancid over time.
6. Variation in appearance is to be expected. Each wood slab is unique, even among slabs cut from the same log.
7. It is absolutely normal to have cracks/splits, knots, figures and occasional dark spots/lines in solid wood slabs. These features are not defects and are part of natural wood products. These interesting characteristics make solid wood products look distinctive and natural, adding to the rustic charm that customers like you adore.