Renewal: Instinct

Renewal: Instinct

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The tendency to act without thinking, a natural intuitive power. To let your intuition guide and take the lead. 

About the ‘Renewal’ collection

This collection has been nothing short of a labour of love. For me, it has been a very special collection – a collaboration between my unborn daughter and I, with her as my muse. 

The world we see today may be unrecognisable in the next few decades, with the unpredictability of shocks and unexpected disruptions catching the world by surprise. 

The vibrant strokes and blocks of colours are reminiscent of a child’s playroom that is filled with building blocks and sensory toys, where they learn and grow day by day with a childlike view of the world – one that is full of hope and aspirations for the future. 

My wish is for her to never lose the childlike outlook of the world – always full of curiosity, and to be her own positive light in life regardless of the circumstances. 

Each piece in the collection is a reminder of the childlike innocence that we were all born into the world with. I hope it serves as a bright spark for you, especially during darker days and trying times, to harness your inner positivity and strength stemming from this childlike view of the world.

Artist: Kelly Ser

Medium: Acrylics on canvas

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Overall Dimension: 100 cm x 76 cm


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