Peach Babe

Peach Babe

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Inspiration: Inner child, fashion, women's strength

I paint my imaginary friend with a little bit of my reflection inside her. I use found papers, acrylic paints, textile, my cream blush that I share with her. Her eyes are the essence. I put my heart into the brush until her eyes speak to me, the sadness, the joy. The process of bringing her alive connects to my sweetest spot that often forgotten. I paint non-figurative too. It is an embodiment of my thoughts, feelings from anything happened in the past, around me, news I read to fairy tales I like, or sometimes just pure intuition. I believe that creative process is a healing only if it is wrapped in imperfection and honesty

Artist: Hana Intan

Medium: Acrylic on canvas, papers collage


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Overall Dimension: 76 cm x 102 cm


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