Sofa Buying Guide

Pumped with excitement after collecting the keys to your new home but clueless on where to start and how to plan your interior furnishings? This simple guide will walk you through some of the essential points you need to know to take home your very own sofa set.

We all know aesthetics is a key factor when choosing a sofa for your living room. For many, the sofa is often the anchor piece for their living area. Hence, having a clear understanding of your preferred style will allow you to identify the perfect sofa that will not only complement your home’s décor but also set the interior direction for the rest of your house.

Below are some of the sofa styles you will find at J. edition:

Mid-century modern: The mid-century style greatly follows the mantra “Form follows function” coined by the renowned architect Louis Sullivan whose works include the Wainwright Building in Chicago. The Eames Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames, and the Florence Knoll Sofa by Florence Knoll were the epitome of this style that helped shape the mid-century movement.

Our interpretation of this timeless style is represented by the Mitch sofa. Clean lines that form friendly, organic shapes and tufted seats add a hint of sophistication to make this modern interpretation of the classic style a great fit for most living rooms.

Mitch Leather Sofa(Above) With its clean and minimalist structure, our Mitch sofa is a dream accompaniment to mid-century modern homes.

Modern: The modern home design takes form and function to the next level, with its elegant, almost monolithic forms, and play on subtle yet cleverly-placed details. This style addresses the needs of the modern-day traveller who yearns to return home to a visually minimalistic yet efficient home.  Our Noah sofa & Zoe sofa are two great pieces that caters to the needs of the modern lifestyle.

The Noah Sofa, made by clean solid blocks and held up by slim steel legs in modern gun metal finish, gives the sofa an almost architectural form. However, the key design element that gives Noah its name is the ability to rotate its armrest down to convert into extra sitting space – much like the mythical ark. The sofa is great for those who are looking for firm yet comfortable sitting with added versatility.

Noah 3 Seater Leather Sofa
Our bestselling Noah sofa (featured above) combines both form and function. Its side arm rests easily rotates out to create an extension, allowing 2-3 more guests to sit comfortably or to transform to a day-bed.

Traditional: Chesterfields are instantly recognisable with its classic rolled arms, deep buttoning and cushioning that curves around the entire rear perimeter of the sofa to give it the ‘plump’ look. With such distinct features, the Chesterfield is able to match well with a variety of fabrics, ranging from velvet to even vintage pullup leather.

Industrial: Industrial décor takes its style cues from old factories, warehouses and other industrial spaces. Characterised by bare brick walls, exposed pipes, raw finishes and reclaimed materials, this is a design that allows you to highlight the architectural details of your space. And even with its fuss-free accents, it’s a décor trend that leaves plenty of room for imagination, experimentation and customisation.

Hamlet Modular Fabric and Leather Sofa
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Once you’ve narrowed down your search by style and size, give some thought to your personal seating needs. For example, a pet owner or a family with young kids may have very different needs from a fastidious couple. The following points below will help you to determine what best suits your lifestyle.


Finding the right fit based on your preferred sitting posture

Be honest with yourself about how you’ll sit on the sofa when you are at home. We often see shoppers sitting on sofas like they’re upright mannequins, which is not the usual way they would sit or lie at home. If you like to lounge, a daybed or sectional with a chaise may prove more comfortable and won’t disfigure cushions (over time, slouching presses the front of seat cushions outward). If you’re a couch napper, avoid multi-cushion sofas, because they’re prone to buckling and dipping between each cushion. If you prefer to sit upright while reading or using a mobile device, the more tailored and firm structure of a mid-century-modern–style sofa (such as Mitch), or one with an upright back will feel more comfortable.


Sofas are a family affair

Never underestimate your dog’s, cat’s, or child’s ability to destroy your furniture. Microfiber and leather upholstered sofas are the easiest to clean and maintain. And because they are also smooth, they’re less likely to be scratched by your pet’s claws. Otherwise, opt for upholstered fabrics with stain protection and a higher rub count. For families with young children, avoid down-filled cushions, because little feet will likely deform the malleable filling in the long run. It’s also a good idea to avoid decorative detailing, such as tufting buttons or frilly trim; pulling and picking at these will prove irresistible for some kids.


Fine interior planning

If you have delicate wood floors, ensure that there’s sufficient felt pads between the sofa and flooring. Pairing a carpet with the sofa is an excellent option as it ensures that the floors will be well protected and it also adds some highlights and focus to the interior space.


Have more questions about finding the right sofa for your home? Contact us @ 8911 1727 and the J. edition team will be very glad to provide some advice.