Sustainable Living Built To Last

With global climate change, we often find ourselves asking how we can contribute and make conscious lifestyle changes to live life more sustainably, and rethink certain habits that impact our environment. Arguably, the onus is on us to make simple lifestyle changes for the sake of our future.

Here at J. edition, we strive to make sustainable living more accessible by offering our customers the choice of sustainably-sourced materials and ensuring that all materials handpicked to construct our sofas are ethically-sourced. Our materials are essential and make up the core comfort of our sofas. As responsible sofa makers, we take care to ensure that we do not just source the finest materials, but also the most appropriate and environmentally-sustainable ones.


Sustainable Fabrics at J. edition

As such, J.edition has partnered with Danish brand Texstyle to offer their signature upcycled polyester yarn fabrics (made from PET single-use bottle), as one of the materials to construct our sofas.

Since 2018, Texstyle has made huge investments into research and technology to develop and ensure their fabric meets the global recycle and durability standards.

Hamlet Sofa Set by J. edition

Customers who purchase from J.edition, may opt to have their sofas constructed from either leather, fabric or Texstyle fabric, depending on their preference. We are exceptionally proud of our Hamlet sofa, with its signature modular concept. Available in a range of upcycled fabrics and offering an endless fun of colourful seating options, it has been a huge hit in both small and large homes.


Genuine Bovine Leather for Sofas

As ardent leather lovers, J.edition also offer a wide range of leather types and colour choices for customization. We adopt ethically-sourced leather which are by-products of animal farming for food.

Leather’s classic characteristic is its durability and coupled with solid timber construction, we believe that each J.edition sofa is built to see you and your family through many years of joy and laughter.