Which Sofa Design is for You?

With each sofa that you’ve come across, you’ll realise that each piece offers a different sitting experience. Right from the appearance to the feel of the upholstery and to the seat density. Having been in the local furniture industry for a long period of time, we understand the distressing need of locally fitted furniture befitting to the Asian frame and Singaporean lifestyle. That’s why we have dedicated a tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears into designing each of our sofas, providing you the best of both worlds - functionality and comfort. 

1. Zoe  

Us Singaporeans are constantly hustling and after a long day of work, we all certainly would like to relax and enjoy our favourite shows at night. Termed as our ‘Netflix sofa’, the Zoe sofa offers you the flexibility to adjust the headrest to your most preferred angle as you binge watch episode after episode of ‘Modern Family’ or ‘Stranger Things’ on the big screen. When you feel tired from all that viewing, go ahead and lie down on the soft, plushy armrest. Filled with goose feathers, your head will sink right in and you won’t even need a pillow for extra support. Once you’ve arised from your slumber, simply use both hands to fluff up the armrest to restore it to its original shape. Good as new! 

2. Noah

Majority of us live in HDB flats and nowadays, the living rooms are getting smaller and smaller. Understandably, not all of us have the luxury of space to fit a big sofa that can accommodate all our guests. That’s where the Noah sofa comes in. It is the definition of minimalism. With its clean and straight lines, it integrates simplicity and modesty into functionality. It is a unique piece that has rotatable armrests, extending its length to seat more guests or to transform into a daybed, an ideal for nappers. Having a wide and flat armrest, it can even replicate as a table to put your little bowls of snacks at the side while you catch up with friends and family. 

3. Mitch

The Mitch sofa with its tufted cushions presents a classic and timeless look. Especially in our Heritage Tan leather, it exudes retro and vintage vibes, a snazzy look that’s sure to impress guests! Additionally, its velcro attached back and seat cushions allow you to conveniently clean the cracks and crevices of the sofa with ease. As you sit down, you’ll find that it’s denser so if you lean towards a sofa firmer in nature, this would sit right with you (yes pun intended). Moreover, its legs are broad and thick, attributing to its sturdiness and durability - just like a strong testament of will against time. It’s a piece that will certainly stand out from the crowd of modern aesthetics.  

4. Moire

The first thing you’ll realise about the Moire sofa is its quilted pattern design. Run your hand over and feel the waves of small bumps, adding an elevated sensory feel to the seating experience. We understand that in Singapore’s humid weather, sweat or stains can accumulate and be absorbed by the fabric sofa over time. That is why we designed the Moire with removable back and bottom covers. Simply pop them into the washer for easy cleaning and get fresh smelling covers again. Another thing about the Moire is its thin armrest, suitable if you’re an armrest hugger! 

5. Hamlet

Sometimes, all we want to do is curl up into a ball and relax, gadgets or book in hand with a steaming cup of coffee by our side. With that intention in mind, we constructed the Hamlet sofa with a great seat depth of 61 cm, providing ample space for you to sit cross-legged comfortably. Moreover if you have bigger pets at home and worry about them hiding under furniture, the Hamlet is ideal as there is little to no space for them to squeeze underneath, preventing them from playing hide and seek with you under the sofa. Being a modular and lightweight piece, you can pair it with a corner-in to form a curved seating area, creating the karaoke experience at home.

6. Oliver

Finally, the Oliver sofa. Compared to our other sofas, this model is shorter and its armrests are a lot lower and broader, emitting the luxurious and spacious feel. Moreover, this feature can double as a table to place your laptop on as you complete some work. (Even on weekends, the hustle doesn't stop!) Just like the Hamlet sofa, the deep seating space allows you to fold your legs. Comfort while working? Now that’s a win. The Oliver sofa has the most unique legs amongst all others, hosting chrome blade-like legs to give the sharp and contemporary look. 

Of course when it comes to buying furniture, we would want to maximise comfort level that ticks the basic checkboxes we have. Whether our sofas are a fit for you at the end of the day, we strongly urge you to come test them out before you make a judgement call. Lay flat on the sofa or sprawled all over, we don’t judge. If you don't sit in your favourite position like you would at home, then are you truly testing them out?