Our Jute Carpets


Biophilia - the human innate desire to connect with nature or to associate oneself with forms of nature. Have you ever wanted to go out on a hike and breathe in the freshness of the cool morning air but can’t seem to get out of bed? Or how about wanting to picnic in the park but got put off by all the logistics? Well with the constant demand of work and our fast-paced lifestyles, we’re often too tired to set time aside for nature-inducing experiences. Still, it’s vital for us to surround ourselves with natural elements even at home. While growing some plants outside your homes can bring you a little closer to nature, why not have nature be inside your living space as well? 


A closer look at the Jute (golden colour) and the wool (red colour) creating patterns

The Carpet Story

To that we bring you our newly released Jute wool carpets. Jute is a type of fabric made from the stems of the Jute plant. The fibres are extracted by hand after days of soaking in water, a process known as retting. When done drying in the sun, the fibres are then twisted into yarns and finally made into the Jute fabric. Since Jute itself has a rougher texture, we incorporated wool into the carpets as a contrasting element that can soften the overall feel. Together, they create a harmonious variation of colours, textures and patterns to add to your home. 

Jute in its fibre form, ready to be made into fabric

The Colours

Choosing colours can be a tough but fun process of home shopping! Each shade and variant value adds a different experience to your overall mood so knowing having a vision in mind is important.

1. Feels and vibes

With the light golden sheen that Jute gives off under light, it brightens up a space, making your room feel more spacious and airy. Mixed with the various hues of reds, blues, and yellows from the dyed wool, the colours of the carpet adds on a cozy and inviting feel to your home. With the vibrant red and warm yellow, they enkindle a sense of energy and excitement to drive you through the day. On the other hand, the blues gives a calming and relaxing effect, making home a great place to turn to after an exhausting day. 

2. Matching your interior

Most people tend to gravitate towards ‘safer’ neutral colours like beige, greys and brown as their main decor theme because it is easier to coordinate. That makes the Jute carpets the perfect complimenting accessory for your existing furniture. The natural light gold of the Jute and the streaks of pop colours are a way to integrate colours seamlessly without being too overpowering or distracting, allowing your furniture to still stand out.

Can you see the hint of blue sheen?

The Shapes

It’s good to have some variety around the house so we made sure that our carpets come in different shapes and sizes. Of course, we have the regular rectangles but what’s special is that if you have a single seater chair or sofa, partner it with a round carpet to further accentuate its form. Especially if positioned at a corner or near the side of a wall, the round shape creates a feeling of intimacy and closeness, delivering a cozy little spot for you to unwind at. 

With a round carpet, the space feels more personal and intimate!

The Caring Process

You may have scrolled through your social media explore page and randomly stumbled across professional carpet cleaning videos. (No? Just me?) As much as they are satisfying to watch, you then wonder how ridiculously dirty the carpet can be. This is one of the reasons why you find fewer people placing carpets at home, especially in a hot and sunny tropical island like Singapore. Apart from being carpets making the floor warm, people avoid carpets because of misconceptions such as carpets triggering asthma and allergic reactions because of the dust and dirt they trap. They may also hold the misconception that carpets require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. 

While it is true that carpets do trap dirt and dust, it is actually a benefit rather than a drawback. This is because carpets prevent the dust from floating around by trapping them on their surfaces. Just imagine all the fine particles drifting around the house unbeknown to you and you casually inhaling them. Nasty right?

With that being said, cleaning the dirt and dust isn’t as troublesome as you might think it is. Those carpet cleaning videos you see are carpets oftentimes not regularly well kept or placed in an outdoor setting with high foot traffic and stepped on by dirty shoes. If your carpet is kept indoors, vacuuming at least once or twice a week is good enough for general maintenance. Of course you can still opt for professional cleaning annually and there are many affordable options to choose from. 

Coming back to our point on biophilia, this is just one of the ways for you to introduce nature into your home. If you’re considering whether to get a carpet or you’re looking for ways to elevate the decor of your home, consider our Jute wool carpets. They’re the right blend of aesthetics and minimalism to accompany your furniture while adding value to your home living experience. Come down for a closer look and feel them in person!