Oslo vs Bergen Lounge Chair: What's the difference?

Let’s play a game. Take a look at the two photos above. Can you spot the difference between the two chairs? Well apart from the colour and lines, you might think that there’s not much difference. That is actually one of the most frequently asked questions here at J. edition. “Oh? These two are not the same? How are they different?” Indeed visually, they hold great resemblance but when you physically rest on them, you will feel the differences. 

The Oslo Recliner Lounge Chair offers plush padded cushioning that moulds to the natural shape of your curvature spine. Its design is ideal for people who prefer a softer back support and those who like a cosier feel. We recommend it to those who like to take a quick power nap whenever the food coma hits!

The Bergen Recliner Lounge Chair on the other hand houses a flatter and firmer back that aids with better posturing. Its sturdier structure is better suited for those who tend to slouch forward, providing the perfect resting spot to read, crochet or just surf the media on your phone!

Bergen Recliner Lounge Chair in Classic Fossil

Both chairs are slim fitted models, perfect to nestle into the private space of a standard  bedroom, away from the bustling commotion in the living room. Owing to their petite frames, they are lightweight, making them easy to shift around the room if you ever want to rearrange. Set them next to a window and relax back, basking in the sunlight or enjoying the city night view. 

At the end of the day, whether you decide to go for the Oslo or the Bergen model, you’ll know that you’ve got a worthy deal for comfort - only at a promotional price of $999 with 10 years of warranty. Now that’s a seat you simply can’t give up!