Little Tips on Space Saving

Is this you? Hesitating to purchase something because you thought “Where am I even gonna put this at home?” Or perhaps being in a dilemma about what should be trashed to make room for more. Maybe you even thought of renting a storage apartment just so you can keep extra belongings. 

Well if you’ve been through any of these scenarios, we empathise with you. We do. Big house or small, we can all find some difficulties when storing our stuff away. Here are some tips and hacks that can make your house feel more spacious.


Tip 1: Be flexible and creative 

Our lifestyles change, especially for young couples. Hence, plan for flexibility when choosing your furniture. Take for example, the 1-seater Hamlet sofa. You can practically think of them as Lego pieces. Join them together to create more room or separate them for more individual comfort. Ignite your creativity and play around with their layouts.

Separate them or join them, the choice is yours!

Tip 2: Explore multi-purpose furniture

Free up space by choosing furniture that has several functions instead of just one. The 3-in-1 Pleated Lamp is not only a lamp (obviously) but also a wireless charging station integrated inside the table. If you prefer charging your devices by wire, there is also a USB port for you to plug into. So it's a lamp, a charger and a table, all combined into one. How neat is that?

Your 3-in-1 lamp-charger-table is here!

Tip 3: Maximise existing space

Storage solutions are all the rave when it comes to saving space and we agree. Opt for furniture with storage functions such as the Teri storage bed frame. No more looking for extra floor space for a dresser when your bed can do the job.

Plenty of room to conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know~

Tip 4: Extending their potential

Hosting guests comfortably in a small space may seem like a daunting task for many. Worry not, for the Noah sofa can easily turn your worries around. Simply spin the armrests on both sides and tadah! Your sofa now has 2 additional seating spaces, or use it as a makeshift side table - get creative with it. You can even treat it as a sofa bed and trust us, it has the right balance of firmness and comfort. 

Lie down and nuah away~

Tip 5: Expanding their affordance

There are many ways a furniture can be used, all you need is some imagination and quick thinking. While the Cement Stool is aptly named for sitting, its lightweight design and stable round base allows it to also be a table to hold your books, or a step for you to reach higher places. Don’t let the furniture’s original intention limit you from using it creatively!

It has the rustic aesthetic look too!

Tip 6: Do you really need that?

If you really think about it, just about anything with a flat surface can act as a table. With the Emery bed's box-like headboard, you can utilise the flat surface to place your belongings, reducing the need for an end table. Talk about saving money and space. 

It’s also wide enough to place your photo frames on. 

Tip 7: Choosing geometrical shaped furniture

Within the confines of a typical 4-wall room, planning the furniture layout can be challenging. It may mean forgoing more ‘interesting’ or organic shape furniture. Geometrical shapes are definitely easier to work with and that’s what the Finley bed is for. Its rectangular and slim headboard allows you to flush it against the wall, cutting down on any under-utilised space. 

 Minimalistic yet elegant

Tip 8: Decluttering

There comes a point each year where we do some spring cleaning around the house. Moreover, if you’re not a fan of plastic containers, consider getting a nice basket to hold the things that you access often. By consolidating your belongings into the woven basket, it helps you to organise them by category so you know exactly where to find them the next time. 

It comes in 3 sizes and there’s a grey version too!

Tip 9: Choosing slimmer designs

How many average people do you think we can squeeze into the Moire sofa? 4 comfortably, maybe even 5. Between a bulky and a slim armrest sofa, the latter gives you more sitting capacity for the exact same length. Remember that every small choice builds up to a larger outcome.

It’s woven stitching gives it an interesting look and feel too!

At the end of the day, a single tip alone may not be enough to make a difference but if you apply many of these tips and hacks for all your rooms, you’ll see that every small bit counts. The next time you head out for furniture shopping, don’t just think of its dimensions. Instead think how it can be further utilised to save you precious space.