Are Lounge Chairs Essential For Your Home?

In the context of Singapore where many of us live in HDB flats, our realistic brains may think that “Nah, my space is too small, a sofa would make more practical and financial sense since I can sit more people. Why bother with a lounge chair?” Alternatively, if your space is a little more spacious, perhaps you may think that “Nay, a lounge chair can do what a sofa can too. It’s excessive.”

Well here at J. edition, we respectfully disagree! We say that a lounge chair is essential no matter the size of your house because enjoyment shouldn’t be limited by the physical constraints of space. Indeed, be it sofas or lounge chairs, their ultimate purpose is to serve as a resting spot for you to unwind after a long day. Make a quick Google search and you’ll notice that many of the lounge chairs are what you would commonly find in waiting areas – simple and not too comfy looking. Today however, we want to divert you to lounge chairs that you don’t typically see in waiting areas. We want to introduce to you a new world of comfort that you may not be as familiar with – the Zedere series. These lounge chairs are more than meets the eye. They can be a statement piece by themselves, even outshining that overly expensive sofa that burns a hole through your wallet. Before you laugh it off, let us walk you through on why you should consider getting a lounge chair for yourself.

  1. Comfort

As furniture buyers, we typically tend to look for chairs that give us the right back and neck support. Apart from those commonly sought after details, many times we miss out on how important leg rest is. Indeed, a lounge chair that is ergonomic in design can give you just the right amount of rest and support you may lack. But what can really elevate the lounge chair experience is having an accompanying foot stool to elevate your legs (yes, pun intended). By putting your legs up, you are reliving the pressure that you’ve been putting on your veins all day when you stand and your lumbar will thank you for that. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of kicking your feet up while sitting back in style!

Take for example, the Leone Recliner Lounge Chair has a moulded backrest and padded cushions. This chair was strategically designed to wrap around your back and simulates the feeling of sinking into a big, soft, plushy cushion. Likewise, the footstool is packed and padded with the same foam to give your legs that moment of full repose and relaxation you so greatly deserve. With a tensioning knob in place, you have full freedom to adjust the reclining tension whenever, and whichever way you desire. This way, you can retain the chair in a fixed position so you don’t lose that perfect comfy spot.

Furthermore, Zedere’s lounge chairs pack yet another interesting feature: you can physically adjust the angle of its headrest to accommodate the position of your head as you recline. When you sit on the chair, reach for the back of the chair’s headrest with both hands, elbows facing the ceiling. Next, imagine doing a crunch and pull the headrest forward until you feel that your head is fully supported. To reset, simply turn around while seated and have one palm holding the back of the headrest and the other on the top of the headrest. Push back the headrest at its top while the other palm continues to hold the back of the headrest firmly. Ta da! Impress your family and guests with this new trick you’ve just learnt!

Leone Recliner Lounge Chair in Royal Cognac Orange

Plus point:

If you are someone who prefers to stretch out, an advantage of a lounge chair is that you don’t have to share the space like you do on a regular sofa (you get to hog it all to yourself)!

  1. Versatility

What do we mean by that? As we transition into different stages of our lives, we might find ourselves physically shifting from one house to another or if not, veering away from our original tastes and preferences. This then motivates us to reconfigure our living space to better cater to our lifestyles. That’s when versatility to move the furniture comes in – being effortlessly integrated into any setting as seamlessly as possible.

Compared to a sofa, a lounge chair can be easily nestled from one room to another without asking for additional assistance. Position it in your living room and simply lean back as you indulge in your favourite Netflix shows from your big television screen. Don’t like it in your living room? Shift it to your bedroom and enjoy peace in the comfort of your own private space. What if you’re moving to a new place? It’s a lot simpler to bring along your lounge chair than to transport a whole sofa that may not even fit the dimensions of the new space. To add on, there is no need to locate a power source since the chairs can recline manually, making placement decisions even more straightforward.

For this, the Oslo and Bergen recliner chairs are perfect. They are smaller in size and comparatively lighter than the other lounge chairs, making it easy to move them around. Their narrow frame is suitable if you plan to host them in a tighter space, a great chill spot with a partnering coffee table!

Oslo Recliner Lounge Chair in Classic Anchor

Plus point:

Since the foot stool is separated, it can act as an ottoman as well for your guests to sit on. No more of that tacky plastic stool!

  1. Durability

Zedere’s forte lies in fashioning modern contemporary armchairs built to last. Crafted with full genuine leather and made with precision, their lounge chairs are pieces of quality workmanship you can encompass in your life for many years to come.

They offer a generous 10-year warranty on all fixed steel components, external timber frames as well as all seat, back and arm foams. In addition, they offer a 5-year warranty on any other moving parts. Now that’s a guaranteed investment you simply can’t decline!

  1. Aesthetic

Of course, we all desire to build a home that is aesthetically pleasing like those celebrities/ influencers homes on your Instagram feed. A lounge chair acts as a standalone piece that can beautify that sore-eyed empty spot while still serving its intended function. Curating your very own statement piece not only showcases your unique personality but also adds character, breathing life into your interior.

Zedere enables you to expand your creative freedom and customise your lounge chairs to satisfy your eyes with the wide range of colours and leather options. Moreover, you can select the material and shape of your lounge chair base to complement the floor. If you’re not a fan of steel legs, you can opt for the circular wooden base in walnut which gives a darker, refined furnish. Alternatively, you can go for the oak base, presenting an attractive natural light grain if your flooring takes on a brighter tone.

A distinct feature of the Verra Recliner Lounge Chair is its flared-out headrest which is a direct contrast to its slim body, giving it a touch of elegance and sass. On the other hand, the Hana Recliner Lounge Chair adopts a broader and wider body frame, accentuated with pointed tips that subtly hints masculine vibes. Whichever you lean towards, we’re sure you’ll find a type befitting of your tastes.

Verra Recliner Lounge Chair in Royal Galliano Yellow & Havana Blue

Hana Recliner Lounge Chair in Centurion Saffron Sable

Of course, we are not saying that a lounge chair can replace a sofa because realistically speaking, it can’t. However, without a doubt, it can be an essential piece in your life. A game life changer. No doubt, finding a lounge chair that ticks all the checkboxes may be tough and expensive but we believe that if you do stumble upon such a rare gem (cough cough Zedere chairs), you should definitely grab that chance and bring it home.